Heels are the undisputed queen of women’s shoes.  When influential women wear heels, the fine line between control and edginess is blurred, highlighted and celebrated all at once.  High heels are an excellent choice when you need to emphasize your strength and self confidence.

The perfect shoe collection should be tailored to your lifestyle.  Choosing the right shoe is everything.  They are a key accessory to setting the tone for your entire look. Coordinating your shoes with the rest of your outfit is all about balance.  You may find this task easier if you think about your outfit in a different way.  Choose the shoes you want to wear, then think about which pants, skirt, or dress will compliment them the best. 

By the sheer nature of the name of our brands – All in Heels® and Blue Stiletto® -    it’s obvious that we love heels.  Many people say high heels hurt their feet after a while, but the pain comes from not wearing a heel that that’s appropriate for the surfaces you’re walking on or the length of time you’re standing.  Today’s heels offer several options for comfort without sacrificing style. Let’s talk about a few of our favorites:


women in heels walking



This comfortable shoe has proven to be more than a throwback to the past.  It has made its presence known in current day styles and is here to stay.  The reason the square heel has become so popular is because it can go with just about any outfit and is appropriate for any event.  Apart from the style aspects, block heels provide additional stability and support for your feet. 


These are the mother of all heels.  At first glance, it may seem impossible to walk in these shoes, but once you do, there is no turning back.  Stilettos can dress up a pair of jeans, or make a simple outfit pop.  The stiletto usually has a four to six inch elevation, and imparts finesse like no other shoe can.  It also comes in a million different designs. 


These shoes are similar to stilettos, but are not as high.  They usually come with a three to four inch heel.  A great pair of pumps can take you from a day in the office to a night out on the town.  Look for a style that has cushioning and ample arch support to handle a full day of walking and standing without killing your feet. 


These adorable shoes have a low heel – about one to two inches – that have a decidedly feminine, curved shape.  Kitten heels can be worn in all seasons with a variety of outfits, but they really shine when paired with knee-length skirts and dresses or slim, cropped pants.  The kitten heel may be low in stature but it’s high on style and comfort.


To successfully wear any heel, know your foot type and make sure you are wearing the right shoe size.  To make sure you get the best fit, always shop for shoes in the afternoon; that is when your foot has “settled” into its true size and shape for the day.

When you rock a fly outfit with the right shoe, you exude presence.  You command attention.  You are unapologetically confident.  You know that you can slay the world; while All in Heels.

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