BREAK THE TABOO:  Wear Pearls During the Day

A gemstone that should make an appearance more often is the pearl.  There is something about a pearl that catches the eye.  Wearing a pearl necklace is possible for any given occasion; and once you know how to wear pearls more casually, you will find yourself wearing them again and again.  




Natural pearls are formed without human intervention.  They grow inside of oysters, mussels and clams when certain elements from the water slip inside of their shells. Cultured pearls, however, are created when small starter beads are physically inserted into live oyster, mussel and clam shells. Both natural and cultured pearls occur in fresh water and saltwater.


Pearls can be found naturally in every color of the rainbow.  Colored pearls look casual and fun, and add a pop of color to your outfit.  Just be sure that you choose a color that suits your skin tone and spirit.





  • Don’t mix real gemstones with faux stones. It was once frowned upon to wear real gemstones with faux stones, but now it’s acceptable to mix it up.
  • Earrings, necklaces and bracelets worn together should match each other. It is no longer necessary to wear jewelry in matching sets, so experiment with your accessories and step outside the box. 
  • You should not layer pearls. Layering a few strands in different lengths and sizes looks stunning without going over the top.
  • Pearls are associated with black clothing. The fact is pearls go well with a number of different colors. 





Make pearls the focal point when adding them to casual outfits: 


  • A pair of jeans paired with a nice heel
  • A maxi dress
  • Shorts and a long t-shirt
  • A romper
  • An off-the-shoulder blouse
  • Business casual attire


Pearls aren’t just for formal events, church and funerals anymore.  With a little imagination and finesse, you can rock them any time and anywhere.  Enjoy!

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