“A strong woman looks a challenge in the eye and gives it a wink.” ~ Gina Carey


All in Heels® strives to stimulate confidence in women and help them recognize the amazing skills that are dormant within them. On the first Tuesday of the month, we will feature a woman who embodies the power that’s within every woman to be her best self and make an impact on the world around her.  


Women do it differently. There is an unwritten set of rules women need to observe to survive in this male-dominated world where it is assumed that men know things until they prove they don’t, and women don’t know anything until they prove they do.


This month’s Female Power Element highlights Katie Sowers, an offensive coach for the San Francisco 49ers. She is the second woman hired as a full-time coach in NFL history (the first, Kathryn Smith, was hired by the Buffalo Bills in 2016) and the first woman to coach a team in the Super Bowl.


Passionate about football since childhood, Sowers played quarterback for the Kansas City Titans in the Women’s Football Alliance, a professional tackle football league. She later served as general manager for the Kansas City Titans of the World Football Alliance. In 2016, she landed a job with the Atlanta Falcons under the Bill Walsh Diversity Coaching Fellowship. While there, she worked with then offensive coordinator, Kyle Shanahan. Kyle was so impressed with Katie that he brought her to San Francisco when he accepted the head coaching position for the 49ers in 2017. 


Katie Sowers has always known who she was, and what she wanted for her life.  She refused to be limited by societal norms and stepped outside of the lines that have been traditionally drawn for women to live her dream of playing and coaching professional football.  While the thought of a woman ordering men twice her size around on the football field seems improbable, Sowers takes it all in stride. When it comes to women having leadership roles in careers dominated by men, Katie’s astute observation sums it up nicely, “We find it so odd when women lead men, but women have been teaching men for years. We have to normalize it.” 



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