Why did we start All in Heels

Dana started All in Heels® to 1.  put a stop to the itching and redness she experienced when wearing fashion jewelry, 2,  offer something that would not resemble what all the other women at work were wearing, and 3.  to push the envelope on color and personal expression.  Dana's designs are the signature statement that women plan an entire outfit around.  Our signature design, the geode lariat, not only checks all the boxes, it offers a no-clasp option that is perfect for women that have struggled with  putting jewelry on by themselves.  


Each piece of our jewelry is handmade in Atlanta, GA with keen attention to detail. Dana approaches design with new trends in mind, yet focusing on her customer's price, style and quality preferences. 


These core values represent how we do business day in and day out. These are the pillars that shape our culture and make All in Heels® a brand on the rise. We strive to prepare our products with the same care as if preparing them for ourselves. We will value everyone in all aspects of our business, embrace differences, while cultivating and inspiring a creative and fun atmosphere.

• Empowerment

Head-turning design

• Inspire possibilities

• Dream big

• Laugh often


“I saw your design last year at the Atlanta Jazz Festival. I saved up for a year to be able to buy something this year. I came to get three items, not just one. Your jewelry is so beautiful and I made a point to find you so I can treat myself!”  -Darlene