Dana Mitchell Clariett

Owner/Jewelry Designer

Dana started All in Heels® for women who embrace the sophistication and power that comes with wearing high heels. Her customers do not shy away from the spotlight, and are not afraid to stand-up and stand-out.

Like the role that high heels play in a woman's wardrobe, Dana's designs are the signature statement that customers plan an entire outfit around. All in Heels® offers jewelry that draws attention, while bringing focus to the natural beauty of the gemstones. She offers uncompromising designs that are meant to be worn, not stashed away in a jewelry box, waiting to make an appearance. The men and women who will be drawn to her jewelry are Crazy Sexy Cool. All in Heels® jewelry designs can be worn often and everywhere, no matter the day of the week or the time of day.

Each piece is handmade in the USA with keen attention to detail. Dana designs each piece with new trends in mind, yet focusing on her customer's price, style and quality preferences.

Her guiding principles represent the values she wants to reflect as she does business day in and day out. These are the pillars that shape the culture and make All in Heels® an up and coming brand. Dana strives to design products with the same care as if preparing them for herself. She values everyone and embraces differences, to cultivate and inspire a fun and creative atmosphere.

Core Values

  • High Standards
  • Build Open and Honest Relationships
  • Accountability
  • Make a Difference
  • Inspire possibilities
  • Be Humble

“I saw your design last year at the Atlanta Jazz Festival. I saved up for a year to be able to buy something this year. I came to get three items, not just one. Your jewelry is so beautiful and I made a point to find you so I can treat myself!”