Meet the Designer

Dana Mitchell Clariett
Owner/Jewelry Designer

Dana started All in Heels® to offer jewelry collections that bring focus to the natural beauty of the gemstones.  She offers uncompromising designs that are meant to be worn, not stashed away in a jewelry box, waiting to make an appearance.  The men and women who will be drawn to her jewelry are Crazy Sexy Cool.  All in Heels® jewelry designs can be worn  often and everywhere, no matter the day of the week or the time of day.  

Our guiding principles represent the values we want to reflect as we do business day in and day out.  These are the pillars that shape our culture and make All in Heels®.  I strive to design our products with the same care as if preparing them for ourselves.  We will value everyone in all aspects of our business and embrace differences, to cultivate and inspiring, fun and creative atmosphere.  


  • Deliver products that satisfy customer priorities
  • Foster partnerships and joint ownership of results
  • Align product offerings with our retail partner's business vision
  • Achieve operational excellence and quality results
  • Inspire possibilities
  • Show respect