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Thanks so much! I love my necklace! Many times when you buy something at festivals and bring it home you realize you were caught up in the moment! I brought a couple of items that day that I left in Atlanta at my sister's house for just that reason! Your necklace wasn't one of them! It is beautiful and I've already worn it and was complimented!


When is your next show? I purchased a necklace and earrings from you two months ago and receive compliments all day when I wear them. I want to purchase some more items for the upcoming holiday season


I saw your design last year at the Atlanta Jazz Festival. I saved up for a year to be able to buy something this year. I came to get three items, not just one. Your jewelry is so beautiful and I made a point to find you so I can treat myself!


Love my gunmetal necklace and bracelet. Simple enough to suit my personality, but striking enough to make a statement. Please add me to your email listing

Mr. Scott